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Information Technology Advisory Service (ITAS) specializes in advising and coordinating IT services for companies that do not have the internal expertise or time to handle the complexities associated with managing and maintaining a modern IT infrastructure. If you would like more information on how we can assist you with your IT needs, please contact us at

Full Count Sports Apps Division Releases Sports Radar!

Full Count Sports Apps Division is pleased to announce our 2nd iPhone application Sports Radar! This application is designed to capture the speed of a moving sports object: baseball, football, tennis ball, etc... For details, please visit the Sports Radar page.

Full Count Sports Apps Division Goes Live!

IT Advisory Service is pleased to announce its new Full Count sports apps division. Full Count is focused on delivering simple and intuative mobile applications for capturing and analyzing information from sporting events.

Our first iPhone app, Full Count - Pitch Counter, a baseball pitch counting and stats capturing application, went live in the Apple App Store on April 12th.

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