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Full Count - Pitch Counter

Full Count is a baseball pitch counting that application that provides simple ball and strike count support as well as support for all events required to capture complete in game pitching statistics. In addition to pitching statistics, game state and some overall game statistics are captured.

The interface is designed to minimize touches. In most cases, a pitch requires a single touch. There are a few instances that require two touches to ensure all statistics are accurate. In the event an event is captured in error, there is an Undo button to return Full Count to its previous state. Behind the scenes Full Count records all events, so Undo can be used to erase an entire outing, so use with caution.

Full Count supports the relief pitcher concept to ensure accurate on screen representation of game state and complete game level statistics. Once a relief pitcher enters the game, the prior pitchers information remains available. Simply navigate back to the Pitch Outing view and select the outing of interest. Undo works across relief pitchers. Once the first event of a relief pitcher is erased, the relief pitcher’s associated Pitch Outing is erased.

At any time, pitching and game statistics can be viewed and emailed. Report options are detailed below:

Report Type Report Description
Outing Summarized statistics and event log for the displayed outing. Includes CSV file attachment of event log.
Game Summarized statistics of game associated with displayed outing and full event log for ALL pitchers participating in game. Includes CSV file attachment of full event log.
Season Summarized season statistics across ALL games associated with displayed pitcher. Pitch outings are matched based on pitcher name. Matching is case insensitive.; e.g.: Hallady is equal to HALLADAY

CSV file attachments can be opened in a spreadsheet application for advanced ad-hoc analysis. By default all reports contain ERA calculations based on 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 innings games. The settings menu supports selection of just one of these values, if all outings are based on the same ERA calculation. Each time a report is generated, ERA is recalculated. If this setting is set incorrectly, it can be corrected.

Confirmation of button touch is supported by sound, vibration or both. These settings are managed using the standard iOS Settings icon. A special vibrate confirmation can be enabled by shaking your iPhone while on the Pitch Outing screen. While in this mode, vibration will by default only occur when the Ball or one of the Strike buttons is pressed. Disable this mode by shaking your iPhone again. Mode changes are confirmed by vibration and the text "vibrate" displayed above the Strike buttons. This feature is overridden by vibrate options in the settings menu.

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  • Requires iOS 7.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 and above and iPad mini

Full Count - Pitch Count View Interface Guide

Label Description
Total Pitches Total number of pitches thrown by current pitcher
Last Pitch Last pitch type
Last AB Results of last at bat
Inning Game inning (this is not the innings thrown by the current pitcher)
Count Current ball – strike count
Outs Number of outs in current inning
H/R/E Game Hits, Runs and Errors
Balls Number of balls thrown by current pitcher
Strikes Number of strikes thrown by current pitcher
Walks Number of walks allowed by current pitcher
Ks Number of strikeouts by current pitcher
Button Description
Strike (KS) Strike Swinging
Strike (KL) Strike Looking
Ball Ball
WP Wild Pitch
PB Passed Ball
D3K Dropped 3rd Strike; Use ONLY when batter advances
HBP Hit By Pitch
1B Single
2B Double
3B Triple
HR Home Run
E Error
Foul Foul
Run Earned Run
UnR Unearned Run
Out Ball in play out
NPO Non-Pitching Out; example: caught stealing
DP Double Play
TP Triple Play
iPhone 5/5S & iPad ONLY Buttons
Balk Balk
SB Stolen Base

E-Mail Report

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